Providing Tailored Solutions for a Better World

Bunzl Retail Services helps retailers achieve their sustainability goals.

Our global scale, vast experience, flexibility, and unwavering passion means we are working proactively to help solve the problems society faces, both now and in the future. We understand our role as an influential leader in the transition to a more sustainable and equitable future.

What is Bunzl Doing?

Providing Sustainable Solutions


Aligned with our customers’ goals to move towards 100% packaging that is reusable, recyclable or compostable, Bunzl North America partners with Eco Systems to deliver sustainable products for the foodservice and grocery sectors. The new range provides affordable solutions which comply with the fragmented legislative landscape along with sustainability advice and training.

Expert Advice on Emerging Trends and Products


As a materials-agnostic distributor, Bunzl is well placed to provide customers with trusted and objective advice on complex sustainability issues. For instance, we partnered with a customer on their move away from petroleum-based plastics (while supporting them with alternative products). We track plastics legislation to help our customers keep pace with rapidly evolving legislation at all levels of government.

Partnerships to Close the Loop


We have partnered to create a film-based recycling program using our infrastructure. The store teams collect clear, film-based plastic (e.g., produce bags, pallet wrap), which is back-hauled at the time of each store’s weekly Bunzl delivery to our Distribution Centres. The plastic waste is then sent for recycling by a local service provider.

Retailers can further their sustainability commitment with the consolidated distribution of store supplies.

  • Our focus is to provide a range of options that will suit each customer’s unique goals of sustainability and stewardship.
  • We are constantly researching products and materials that are less harmful to the environment.
  • Our paper products can be designed and ordered with FSC™, tracing materials back to a sustainable source.

Sustainability In Action

Freight Optimization
Through demand planning and smart sourcing, BRS was able to help a national grocery chain consolidate store supplies resulting in 22% fewer trucks being used for new store opening deliveries.
Sourcing Services
BRS is committed to finding innovative alternatives to help customers meet their sustainability goals.
More Sustainable Shipping
100% Recycled Content Shipping Boxes By exclusively using 100% recycled content shipping boxes in our warehouses, we are helping to save millions of gallons of water, greenhouse gas emissions, trees, and electricity.
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100% Recycled Content Shipping Boxes

By exclusively using 100% recycled content shipping boxes in our warehouses, we are helping to save annually:


Gallons of Water


Tons of Greenhouse Emissions




KW Hrs Hours of Electricity


Cubic Yards of Landfill Waste

A Global Commitment to Sustainability

Bunzl is committed to sustainability: today, tomorrow and beyond.

Bunzl continues its commitment to supporting its customers to remove, replace and reduce single use plastics.

Bunzl is also significantly increasing the amount of recyclable, compostable or reusable packaging supplied to its customers to help them meet their targets.

In the future, Bunzl is committed to offering every single packing product and disposable with an alternative that is recyclable, reusable, compostable or renewable.

Tailored sustainability solutions for all of Bunzl’s customers

Bunzl has a worldwide commitment to sustainability. Read more about its commitments and its progress.

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