Proven Process

More Than a Vendor

Our proven process, developed over decades of working in the retail supply space, is specialized to support retailers in meeting their goals.

Process Development

We have a proven process developed over decades specializing in the retail supply space.

With an experienced account management team to provide tailored options to fit your needs, our offerings go well beyond a 3PL. We create customized strategies to reduce out-of-stock situations and overages.

Cut down on unpredictable spending and create operational efficiencies across your storefootprint with our detailed spend management tools and online reporting.

  • One point of contact with a dedicated National Account Manager
  • Process development and optimization
  • Convenient ordering portal
  • Reporting tools with inventory usage, price, history and more
  • Demand planning

Demand Planning

Our specialized demand planning processes for retail supplies and Goods-Not-for-Resale (GNRF) allow retailers to receive the right inventory at the right time to avoid overages and out-of-stock situations.

Our industry expertise and strong relationships with both retailers and vendors allow us to be a consolidated point of contact to successfully deliver high-profile projects on time. For small and large retailers alike, we streamline the process by consolidating all needs into one critical delivery.

Trusted Procurement

The supplier relationships BRS has built over decades provide an unmatched advantage for retailers.

Through a rigorous vetting process and regular audits, we only utilize vendors and suppliers proven to provide reliable and responsibly sourced goods. We collaborate with partners who can ensure safety and social responsibility.

Bunzl Retail Services demand planning customers have total transparency into their store supplies distribution program, offering insight into:

  • Current inventory
  • Forecasted demand
  • Acquisition costs
  • Service level goals
  • Vendor lead times
  • Carrying costs
  • Safety stock levels
  •  … and more

Spend Management Tools

With Bunzl’s Spend Management Portal, an online catalog and ordering site is uniquely tailored to each customer ensuring that their stores have exactly what they need when they need it.

This portal provides reporting, transparency, and organization to a major cost center of our customers’ businesses.



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