New Stores & Remodels

More Efficient New Store Openings

Bunzl Retail Services acts as a single consolidation point for all your distribution needs so you can streamline your store openings, remodels, and closures.

Busy warehouse floor

We understand the importance of meeting Grand Opening dates and the pressure that a new store opening can bring. We ease that burden by fully managing the process, striving for one consolidated shipment for all your items.

By consolidating all vendor purchases through bulk buying, we cut down on redundancies, reduce freight costs, eliminate waste, and decrease the number of delays through a more efficient process.

New Store Consolidation and Distribution Summary

Store Programs Offered

  • Fixture consolidation
  • Signage and in-store marketing
  • Displays and props
  • Lighting and rugs
  • Store supplies
  • Safety and backroom supplies
  • Packaging

What Sets us Apart

  • Ability to handle every item required to open
  • Customized pallet configuration
  • Sequenced loading
  • Special labeling and kitting

Freight Optimization

Delivery Cost Savings
1 %

Fewer deliveries and fewer trucks to supply new stores.
saves freight costs and reduces miles driven.

Last year, customers saved an estimated 18% on delivery costs and reduced their expedited shipments to result in an average of more than $5,000 per project.

Additionally, BRS tracks truck mile reductions with shared reporting to help retailers meet their ESG goals.

Save Money and Open Faster

Faster Openings
1 %

Avoid delays and open faster with a dedicated team that specializes in new retail store openings.

On average, the number of lost or damaged items is reduced by 10% when working with Bunzl Retail Services to open a new store.

New store teams that engaged Bunzl and used our streamlined process opened about 20% faster than previous projects.

Let us put our expertise and experience to work with you and help you meet your growth goals!

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