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6 Tips to Keep Your Retail Store Clean

A clean store is linked to higher sales. Share these easy tips with your retail locations to create a more consistently sparkling space.

Brick-and-mortar retail stores are your brand’s physical representation and a great experience can enhance customer loyalty and increase sales. 9 in 10 survey respondents say a clean and organized store environment increases their likelihood of a purchase according to  On the other hand, a messy or dirty store can deter customers from a return visit. A report compiled by ServiceChannel reveals that 64% of shoppers have even walked out of a store due to poor physical appearance and disorganization.

Here are our tips on how to maintain a clean retail store presence:


1. Establish Cleaning Guidelines & Procedures

2. Prioritize the Entry

3. Focus on the Floors 4. Let Your Lighting Shine 5. Ditch the Clutter 6. Don’t Forget the Dressing Rooms

1. Establish Cleaning Guidelines & Procedures


It’s important to establish clear guidelines to maintain a consistent, positive customer experience, with 69% of shoppers reporting they are unlikely to return to a store if they don’t have a good experience, according to

One common mistake retailers make is not establishing a clear cleaning process for associates to follow. This can create inconsistencies from store to store and day to day. A simple daily checklist for retail associates to follow is a useful guide to improve store cleanliness.

Outline which products to use on various surfaces and how to clean them. Enforce the policy to ensure it gets implemented correctly. Making the store cleaning procedure a part of training and reward incentives can also help employees to maintain high levels of store cleanliness.

Some retail supply partners can create these processes and guides for you, BRS being one of them. These partners can offer instructions on how to use products including proper technique, usage quantities, and frequency, which can help products last longer and lower supply costs.


2. Prioritize the Entry


Your store entrance is your customer’s first impression and a dirty entryway can deter even the most loyal consumers. Encourage changing trashcans regularly, as well as checking for litter outside the store. Keep entry mats and rugs clean and ensure signage is properly hung.

3. Focus on the Floors


Whether or not your floors are clean is another key point of focus for customers entering your stores. Dirty, stained carpet gives a dated, unclean presentation that no customer wants to be greeted with.

Add deep cleaning to your schedule in addition to daily cleaning. Train associates to treat stains quickly and how to properly clean them. Some common mistakes made are scrubbing a stain into a carpet versus blotting or using harmful products or abrasive cloths not meant for specific surfaces.


4. Let Your Lighting Shine


Lighting fixtures in retail stores become dusty and dirty quickly, and over time can even affect a store’s brightness. Lighting is one of the most important qualities in creating a store’s atmosphere, and dingy lighting will have a negative impact on your brand image.

Wiping lighting fixtures regularly is the key to avoiding a thick buildup. Provide your team with all the cleaning tools so they can easily reach and clean lights as needed.


5. Ditch the Clutter


Too many products on the floor can become chaotic and messy very quickly. Avoid having an abundance of products through proper planning and demand forecasting. Customers will have a hard time finding items if there is too much to look through and they may spend less time in the store and purchase fewer items.

It’s also important to maintain an organized backroom for your store employees. Your retail team can find what they need faster and focus on customers instead of searching through overstocked supply closet.


6. Don’t Forget the Dressing Rooms


A messy dressing room is another customer pet peeve and can directly impact sales. Customers may try on fewer pieces or choose not to try on clothes at all if they find your dressing rooms in disarray.

Make sure the lighting and mirrors are clean, floors tidy and doors are in working condition. Associates should be accustomed to regularly checking for extra clothes and hangers to deter shoplifting as well as checking for trash and broken items.


Remember that creating a great store environment is about the big things as much as the small ones, so don’t let the details slide. The best way to maintain a store’s cleanliness is through regular cleanings and not letting things accumulate.

What other tips do you have? Share on social and let us know what you would add.

Written September 1, 2022 by Bunzl Staff Writers.


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A clean store is linked to higher sales. Share these easy tips with your retail locations to create a more consistently sparkling space.


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