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2023 Retail Display & Packaging Trends

We spoke with our partners at CTC-Keenpac to get insights from their design team on how to stand out in the retail environment in 2023. 2023 is all about finding joy in the details: intricate textures, layered colors, and thoughtful design choices. As we seek stability and security, rich woods and warm palettes invite us back to the basics of merchandising and retail design. We’ll bring touches of the outdoors in whenever possible and consider sustainable solutions along the way.

Spark of Joy


1. Bold & Bright Color

Curate happy moments with bright hues and joyful pattern play.

Bring on the brights in 2023 as brands continue to go for it with loud colors.

These unique, eye-catching brands and packages will help catch shoppers’ eyes and increase brand recognition.  Optimistic, bold colors combined with simplified designs strike a perfect balance.

Color is the number one influencing factor in purchases for 93% of people, according to Persuasion Nation.

The right color can increase your brand perception and even the impulse to purchase, with the right psychology of color.

Find a perfect punch of color in one of many RPET Paper Poly materials from paper to recycled plastics.

Into the Woods


2. Wood Tones

Bring warmth and comfort to commercial environments with mixed textures and natural tones. Wood creates a balance of indoors meets outdoors and can deliver a touch of rustic elegance to a retail space.

Wood tones in retail displays add warmth and are also durable and strong. With a variety of stains and textures to choose from, you can find the right color and material for any project.

A Greener Thumb


3. Florals & Foliage

From simple to theatrical, faux florals and foliage are always in season, and never out of style. Florals and foliage add a fresh, inviting atmosphere. Plants also add a pop of color and life to retail displays and sets.

Be sure to use a variety of sizes and textures to create depth in your retail space.

Window displays with large plants and foliage are a great way to attract customers as they walk by.

Bring nature indoors with curated stems and blooms that add a seasonal mood.

  • Realistic flowers
  • Paper flowers
  • Synthetic florals
  • Succulents
  • Trees & palms
  • Dried naturals
  • Molded foliage

Back to Basics 


4. Clean Designs

Simple, minimalist designs cut through the clutter, and in 2023 we’re predicting that clean look continues to be popular.

The instant comfort of a simple, recognizable form and homey textures make you feel welcome.

Clean, crisp lines allow your products to shine as well as create a well-organized and easy-to-navigate space.

Customize a perfect store kit by mixing and matching simple fixtures, trays, stands, signage, and risers. And don’t forget the packaging!

Rethink Your Reuse  


5. Sustainability

Focus on ways to reduce your impact. How could your brand repurpose or reuse products? Brainstorm creative ways customers could find utility with your products and keep them out of landfills.

Consumers crave reusable and sustainable products, with two-thirds of consumers  reporting that they are willing to pay more for sustainable products, according to

Reusable bags and boxes are a great way to show your brand’s commitment to reducing your environmental impact

  • Washable paper
  • PP non-woven
  • PP woven


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